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H&H Fire Protection Building

Fire Alarm Monitoring

24-Hour Monitoring of Your Fire Alarm System

All fire alarm systems need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning properly. We offer professional monitoring services for all fire alarm systems from our central monitoring center.  Our fire alarm monitoring services will test your system daily and we receive information back letting us know what the current status of your system is.  We will know immediately if your system is functioning as it should or if it is experiencing a malfunction (going in and out of trouble or is not sending a signal) and take pre-emptive measures to resolve the problem immediately.

Fire Panel
Fire System Maintenance

Why Do You Need Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Having a fire alarm system to protect your building, business and property is not only a requirement, but ensuring that it is functioning as expected is why fire alarm monitoring is so critical. Sure we can design and install a fire alarm system for your property, then again without fire alarm monitoring you can’t be sure it will perform as expected in an emergency and notify the fire department and key personnel on your contact list of your emergency. System electronic components can fail, someone can accidentally damage the system and then there are incidents of vandalism to contend with. By including fire alarm monitoring in your fire safety program, we can resolve any issue before it becomes a serious problem such as loss of life or property.
We offer very competitive rates for our monitoring services. Contact us today for a free quote.

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