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Fire Sprinkler System at Business

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Service & Repair

Fire Alarm System Service and Repair

If your fire alarm system is not sufficient (poorly designed or doesn’t meet code standards) or is malfunctioning, the knowledge, training and experience of H&H Fire Protection is imperative in order to protect both lives and property. We can schedule a routine maintenance check of your system as may be dictated by local authorities, manufacturer’s recommendations for inspection or insurance certifications. Our technicians are NICET certified and trained to service & repair most major fire safety system brands and will keep your system operating at optimum performance and reliability.

Fire Alarm

Like other electronic systems, fire alarm systems are susceptible to dirt, dust and other contaminants. Activities within the building such as remodeling can spread drywall particles in the air that can prevent smoke detectors from functioning properly. A workman could unintentional damage fire protection equipment and wiring. The general age of a fire alarm system can cause components of the system to degrade over time and can lead to unexpected expenses that eat into your building’s budget from false alarms. Fire alarm systems are expected to save lives and property.  However, if you are unable to tell if they’re functioning properly, or if they aren’t properly maintained, they’re not serving their intended purpose.

Sprinkler Service and Repair

H&H Fire Protection can perform sprinkler repairs. We partner with a very well respected sprinkler company to take care of any type of sprinkler repair needs that you may have.

Fire Sprinkler
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